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Who We Are

Collection Agency Licensing

We are FormaLite, a fully insured, woman-owned small business.  A company providing collection agency licensing services based on one goal: a simple, "painless" licensing process as unique and individual as each of our clients.  

Backed by 20+ years in the industry, we know what works and what doesn't.  We know you have better things to do than worry about licensing.  At the same time, we understand you can't trust your licensing needs to just anyone.  FormaLite is not just a vendor -- we're your partner

Our Executive Team


Sarah Heimburg

President | CFO


Sarah's background in banking, bookkeeping and marketing proves essential to overseeing the daily operations at FormaLite. Under Sarah's leadership, FormaLite's growth continues to exceed expectations. 


Darren Heimburg

Vice President | Business Development


Darren's experience with licensing and compliance has provided a solid foundation for our core business. After years of working with various vendors as well as building internal licensing functions, Darren felt the time was right to offer his version of licensing services to the industry.

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